CCPN’s staff is well respected throughout the state as strategic thinkers and effective advocates. CCPN is adept at high-level strategic advocacy, and has spent over two decades successfully defeating projects at the Coastal Commission that were inconsistent with the Coastal Act while advancing positive coastal policy initiatives in the Legislature.

Susan Jordan, Executive Director

Susan is the founder and Executive Director of CCPN.  A 14-year career as a corporate researcher and strategy advisor for the political and commercial consulting firm, Dresner-Sykes, Jordan and Townsend, allows Susan to bring a strong and unique skill set to her work in the arena of non-profit coastal protection advocacy in CA.  Known for her ability to work closely with focused teams of environmental organizations, attorneys and experts, Susan has successfully advocated against large-scale precedent setting projects that were inconsistent with the State’s landmark coastal protection law – the Coastal Act - including the Hearst Ranch development proposal, the BHP Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal, the San Onofre Toll Road, and the PXP oil drilling proposal that would have allowed the first new oil lease in CA State Waters in over 40 years. A co-founder of the political advocacy group, Vote the Coast, Susan worked to elect coastal-friendly legislators and helped restore a Democratic majority in the State Assembly in 1996 that led to the removal of Coastal Act violators that had been appointed to the Coastal Commission under a brief Republican majority.  In Sacramento, Susan has been an effective advocate for key strategic environmental laws including groundbreaking legislation on coastal land use regulation (SB 497 – Sher) and LNG terminal siting standards (SB 426 and SB 412 – Simitian).